10k Portfolio experiment – 10 Cryptocurrencies at 1k each #17.01.2018

I decided to start  a cryptocurrency portfolio experiment with an intial fund of $10000.  This porftolio will be updated each week. I will also try to include news and updates on what might have caused a certain coin to rise or fall drastically.

Market Snapshot

The following table is a snapshot of coinmarket.com prices.

Cryptocurrency Portfolio

A small descryption of each currency in this portfolio

  • Bitcoin – considered as gold 2.0
  • Ethereum – programmable contracts and money
  • Litecoin – Bitcoin with faster transaction and lower fees
  • Raiblocks –
  • NEO – Chinese Market Ethereum
  • IOTA – Internet of things payments M2M
  • Substratum – Decentralized VPN Network
  • EOS –  Decentralised applications on WebAssembly
  • Cardano – Layered currency and contracts
  • ICON – Crypto to Crypto transactions


See you in a week with a progress report.