The Best Cryptocurrency Tracking Website of 2019

What makes this tool so great in comparison with all the other crypto listing websites. There are more and more everyday and has been up to some shady business with their scam token sale ads.

How Coincheckup became my favourite Crypto Listing Site

The three most useful aspects of the website are the following:

  • I do not need to refresh the page all the time
  • I have a quick overview how much a coin changed in the following timeframes:  1h, 24h, 7d, 30d and 90d
  • Possibility to filter the list based on variables like marketcap and trading volume

When you click on a coin you get more information such as the chart, analysis, investment information and so on.


Below is the investment information of Ethereum



Filter Coins Based on Categories

Very often when a certain type of coin performs well similar coins in the same category also start to rise.


Market Overview Grid Settings

You can select which column variables are shown by selecting different options in the Market overview grid settings tab.

Filter the coins with Coin Screener

The most important an exciting feature of coincheckup, is the coin screener.

What is it and why is it useful? Instead of relying on youtubers and crypto gurus to select the next gem, you can take this matter in your own hands.

For example: You can look for coins with a low marketcap but high trading volume in the last 30days.  Below is an example where i selected platform as a category. Circulating supply is at max 383mm and max supply 457mm

An important factor as well is the trading volume of the last 30 days. No one wants to invest in a dead coin.

This is what came up. Quite interesting.

This gives me a good basis to start researching a few coins that i am interested in and reading the whitepaper.  I will probably make a more advanced guide on how to find hidden gems.