Request Network is Live! Progress is Fast!

I am very hyped about this, as this is a blockchain application with real world use that has the chance to disrupt the financial online payment industry.

Another blockchain with real world application is oyster pearl. Check that out if you haven’t already.

Request will shape the future of payments including invoices, loans, salary and donations. They are also compliant for accounting, tax and audit integration.

So what can you do at the moment?

The first version allows you to:

  • Connect to your ledger hardware wallet and to metamask.
  • Create, send and pay a request in ETH
  • Pay the same request multiple times
  • Update a broadcasted request
  • Check all outstanding and incoming requests assiociated with your ETH address
  • Create smart contracts that interact with the Request Network.

You can go and check it out here.



Accept Cryptocurrency Payments Online as a Merchant

A great addition to the first version of the Request Network is the Payment Solution.

An example below:

Request Network will allow you to accept payments on your website.

  • Do you offer services?
  • Do you offer digital goods?
  • Do you offer products?

If your answer is Yes. Then Great!   Now you can accept payments with the Request Network!

Even though, there are still big steps to be taken for seamless integration. Progress is being made.

An MVP has been developed…

Woocommerce and Request Network Plugin - WooReq

The Plugin that they have created is still only a MVP. Many features will be completely different than in the final product.

A demo webstore is already available!


Let’s continue with more exciting information…

Big Partner firms to pave the future with REQ

The four biggest accounting firms, PwC France & Francophone Africa will help build a better  future of professional financial services together. 

With this partnership Request Network’s goal is to accelerate adoption of real world usage in the financial sector. These accounting firms will help the surging demand for blockchain, R&D and helping develop financial software solutions.

REQ is Now Available on Huobi Korea

The REQ token has been successfully launched on Huobi Korea today. This makes the token even more accessible than it was before!


REQ/ETH and REQ/BTC trading pairs are now fully operational. You can purchase REQ here

Q1 Achievements and Milestones

Many Milestones on their roadmap have already been met. Upcoming events is the ERC20 support of other cryptocurrencies in the Request payment solution. A Bitcoin Request protocol is also on the way.

A lot of exciting stuff ahead of us!


REQ Apps: Payments, Crowdfunding and Accounting

  • Payments app: Allow merchants to accept crypto-currencies on their platform.
  • Crowdfunding app:  A all-in-one solution to allow a secure process of fundraising for crowdfunding campaigns and ICO
  • Accounting app: By adding metadata into request payments, this is the first step to creating an automated accounting app in the future

I can’t tell you how much I am looking forward to this. But it sure as hell is exciting.

Hope to be able to integrate the Request Network sometime in the near future. Will definitely write about it.

Have a good one. : )