STAR ATLAS - The Best Solana NFT Metaverse game 

What Exactly Is Star Atlas all about? 

At the beginning of the game’s development, Solana established that a high rate of users would move to the Metaverse in the long run. Hence a blockchain system with the capacity to enable billions of users should be considered the right choice. Although the users will shift to the Metaverse at a gradual pace, the technology should be scalable enough not to crash at any point in time. Speed is really what matters both at the user end and the developer end.

What Exactly Is Star Atlas all about
What Exactly Is Star Atlas all about

Therefore it should not be compromised at all. Solana has an impactful team filled with great players, making it a powerful technology. Moreover, the Solana Community is already built up and has a good user base, which can help in the beginning stages of the game. This way, the following of Star Atlas can get boosted right after its release.

Who is Behind The Star Atlas Metaverse Game?

Micheal Wagner, the CEO of Star Atlas, has always been into the tech world and engineering methods. Micheal and his team of developers are deep into gaming themselves. This is why they know the intensity of the gaming universe from a user’s perspective. He thinks there is a clear gap in the previous games developed on blockchain technology as the benefits lean towards the developer end more than the actual community of players.

What Is The Star Atlas Roadmap?

Star Atlas is a massively multiplayer space-themed Metaverse. The game takes place in the year 2620, where three significant factions compete for political control, resources, and territories. Humans run a mud territory. A consortium of Aliens races runs only one region, and Robots control the third sector. One of these three factions is chosen by the player to join and influence the development of potential stages. All the in-game assets are NFTs. Therefore, the users have 100% ownership of their assets. This is why Players can also trade them on personal preference. New players start in a safe zone and eventually venture to the medium-tier safety zone where combat is allowed. But if the assets are destroyed during this, players can restore them. The genuinely confident players can get into the final location in deep space where the destruction of assets is permanent. The further a player moves, there is better the reward. But at the same time, there are more significant risks attached to it. If the player decides to fly out in the deep space for a battle and his ship gets destroyed, it will break into scrap pieces for scavengers to collect because at the end of the day, it eventually is an NFT that has been dismantled. On the other hand, the safe roles include a minor harvesting raw materials on a distant planet, a pirate pillaging for booty, or even a scientist getting hands-on new technologies. There is less destruction in these characters.

What Is The Star Atlas Galactic Marketplace?

The Star Atlas marketplace runs on a decentralized finance application blockchain where all the tokens and NFTs can be bought and informed about. The website’s link is

When Is The Star Atlas Game Release Date?

Conventional games usually have a single date to get released on, but Star Atlas is getting released in stages, and the community has to stay in touch with the updates. In August of 2021, there was an event held all about token generation, and later in September, Star Atlas successfully sold some of the pieces. Later this year, we can see a lite version of Star Atlas with small missions to complete. There is another upcoming demo game in 2022, following with the actual game’s release in the same year. These preliminary games will help define what Star Atlas is going to look like and build up the anticipation.

What Are The Two Tokens Powering The Star Atlas Ecosystem?

There are primarily two tokens that are used in developing Star Atlas. These are $ATLAS and $POLIS, which shed light on two different aspects of the game. The token $ATLAS is the main in-game currency that the users can prevail after they complete some challenges like selling their assets or ores in the game market or mine for the ores, etc. Anything can be sold or bought in the in-game market because all the objects in this game are NFTs except a few items which the users do not own. The other token of Star Atlas, which is the $POLIS, aids the players in making decisions about the processes in the game itself and has the power to outvote creators as there are several governance layers that the players can control. This is an integral part of the game according to its political design. Therefore this token is taken very seriously because the players can make massive changes in the game if they ally, even if it goes against the will of the developers. The dynamics of Metaverse work according to the masses and its opinions, and the user end is highly controllable as opposed to the developing future. NFTs in the game, such as characters, skins, or land plots, solely belong to players, and when the user decides to leave the game, the items get returned to the game.

Can You Earn Yield By Playing Star Atlas?

This immersive metaverse game is a massive play-to-earn game out there as players can explore a whole untapped universe. In addition, the users can earn money in the in-game marketplace by selling the NFTs to other players and trading the Atlas tokens.

Is Star Atlas Only For Gamers?

Anyone who is into the Metaverse and is interested in NFTs and Cryptocurrency can start playing Star Atlas once all the prerequisites are completed. However, a person who has been playing video games for a long time has leverage over the players who will start learning the game once they get into it. But it’s okay to start with the initial phase of the game, which is beginner-friendly, and there are no real-time NFT losses that eradicate all the risks that come with learning.

What is the Star Atlas $ATLAS Token?

A considerable amount of inflation will occur over the first five years. However, by the time the engine of Star Atlas comes out, which might be five years from now, the inflation will potentially come down at that time. Although from year six onwards, the Star Atlas token will make a four percent inflation rate into perpetuity. The coolest part about this token is that the game will distribute all of the tokens to the players, and the game itself will reserve no tokens. This makes it an excellent currency even with its inflation.

How Many $ATLAS Tokens Are There?

The tokens are supposed to be distributed to the players for various activities on a specific ratio. For instance, Atlas token will be paid out to the miners as 45%, but only to the players mining in the game. The rest of the shares are also out there in the white paper. One fascinating component of this token is that it will have a built-in and permanent inflation rate. This can be changed in the future by the $POLIS governance token. They can change the inflation rate of the $ATLAS, but as far as things are set up now, there is meant to be inflation for $ATLAS, which makes a lot of sense if one understands basic economics. Because some slight amount of controlled inflation should be there so that people can not huddle it quickly, which causes the velocity of money to accelerate, resulting in a healthier economy.

Where Can You Buy $ATLAS Tokens?

The exciting part of this game is that Atlas tokens can only be earned by the activity inside the game or sold by other players. Unlike many projects in the crypto economy, the development team retains no stake in the undistributed token. When everyone is incentivized to spend, each earning a uniform amount, of course, this will decrease its value eventually. 

What is the purpose of $POLIS tokens?

Polis tokens can control various parts of the star atlas metaverse, and because of their governance and ownership, they can vote on taxes and rules that can be applied to the other players. This token is not only governance for the game only but also for the in-game policies. Holders of the token will be in a unique position of jurisdiction over entire regions regardless of who owns the title NFTs to the land and equipment rights. If an individual has an NFT on the planet, but someone else owns the governance trait of that planet, the latter can charge the individual literal taxes for mining an NFT on that planet. This means that the owning person having governance control will have much more benefits than usual.

How much is $POLIS worth?

The price of this token keeps flickering with time, but at this moment, the Polis token ranges at 9.19$ with a trading volume of 24 hours of proximity.

Where can I buy $POLIS tokens?

The $POLIS token is going to be distributed in two major phases. 80% of this token is earnable by playing Star Atlas and getting Atlas token and then staking the Atlas tokens for getting the $POLIS token. The rest of 20% is going to be sold in a token sale as part of phase one, which by the way, is ongoing. The polis token is not being sold yet, although the stakes are high that it will be available in July.

What are Star Atlas NFTs? 

Where can I buy Star Atlas NFTs?

There is a whole marketplace for the Star Atlas NFTs where players can get into the actual game by creating a crypto wallet. The link to the market is given below : › market
Marketplace - Star Atlas

Conclusion (100w)

The avenues that this game is about to create will be massively impactful on the Metaverse. Not only does this let the players yield actual monetary value out of it and make an impact on the Metaverse by owning assets, but it also helps more career paths to come through and flourish, which elevates this onto a new level!