What is the Sandbox metaverse NFT game?

What is the sandbox Metaverse NFT Game?

Simply put, the Sandbox is a virtual world that allows players to create their own gaming experiences with the ability to retain ownership and collaborate with others. 


What is the sandbox Metaverse NFT Game
What is the sandbox Metaverse NFT Game

It consists of three fundamental elements: a Voxel Editor (Vox Edit), a marketplace, and the Sandbox game itself.

What sets the Sandbox game apart and makes it a unique experience is its freedom as a gamer and a content creator. For example, you can create your 3D Voxel models, customize them however you like, publish them and then sell them on the online marketplace. 

It’s an innovative step toward putting the power directly in the gamer’s hands and having control over their gaming experience and assets.

Pretty exciting stuff. 

Who made the Sandbox Metaverse game?

The Sandbox Metaverse was developed by the Sandbox team, who have also been responsible for developing the Sandbox franchise, releasing world-building applications through iOS and Android since its launch by Pixowl in 2011. 

The mission of the Sandbox team is to create a system where “creators will be able to craft, play, share and trade without central control, enjoying secure copyright ownership with the ability to earn SAND.”

What blockchain is Sandbox built on?

The sandbox virtual world uses blockchain technology and NFT’s to give its Metaverse more control and agency over their experience within the world. 

It’s made possible by running on the decentralized Ethereum blockchain using SAND, the platform’s utility token. 

Who is the target audience for the Sandbox Metaverse?

If you’ve been keeping track of the gaming world lately, I’m sure you’ve seen some backlash against in-game transactions within many traditional AAA gaming titles of late. As a result, many users feel that they are being priced out of gaming experiences, despite paying for an entire game title (remember Star Wars Battlefront?)

Therefore, the target audience of the Sandbox metaverse aims for players who want to be able to have full digital ownership of their gaming experiences.

Virtually every aspect of the world can be tokenized, giving the user power to use these assets, whether buying, selling, or trading. 

What is Metaverse SAND, and what is it used for?

SAND is a token that runs off the Ethereum blockchain. It is primarily used as the token for the Sandbox Metaverse, where users can trade, sell, buy and generate SAND within the game using the assets and gaming experiences they’ve created.

How much is Metaverse SAND worth?

SAND has seen quite a rise over the past few months, enjoying a 350% increase in November which saw it jump from 1.55 to 6.77 USD. This is partly due to Adidas announcing over Twitter they were thinking of building an “Adiverse” in the Sandbox’s virtual world. 

The price is currently sitting at around 5.55 USD as of 7/12/2021. 

How much Metaverse SAND is there?

There is a maximum and total supply of 3,000,000,000 SAND tokens. 

Why is Metaverse SAND useful?

There are many benefits to using SAND within the Metaverse on a decentralized blockchain instead of using more traditional centralized gaming models. 

True Digital Ownership

This gives you total agency autonomy over what you do with the assets you create within the game, even if it becomes shut down or abandoned. 

With the option to tokenize essentially everything you do, you really can do whatever you want with your assets. 


When you possess the control over your assets that comes with using a decentralized platform, you can buy, sell and trade your assets at your discretion.

This type of freedom isn’t possible on a traditional, centralized platform as the creators possess the ultimate control over the value of your in-game items.

Secure and Immutable

Game assets that are tokenized can easily be traded in primary and secondary markets managed by blockchain technology.

With centralized, supply and demand tokens usually comes to the questions and risks of fraud and theft; however, these are minimized on the blockchain as it runs on a distributed ledger. 

Cross Application Interoperability

Traditionally, the assets contained within centralized games possess little to be incorporated and utilized into other games. 

The nature of blockchain allows games to share assets, items, characters, and many other elements in other games that will enable it. 

This dramatically expands the potential universe of gaming assets shared between players compared to what was a relatively contained, insular system before. 

What is the Metaverse SAND revenue model?

The revenue model of Metaverse SAND will take a 4 Shareholders approach to ensure that the success of the Sandbox assists the value of the token. These 4 Shareholders will be as follows:

Foundation Pool

This is designed to ensure that revenue generated from the game will prove to closely align with the value of the SAND token, giving participants the peace of mind that the success of the Sandbox platform will correlate with the value of the asset.

Staking Pool 

This particular stakeholder is designed to deliver a yield and value to holders of the token. Initially, this will be governed by a centralized decision. However, from year one, this will over time migrate towards something more closely resembling a DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) model. 

Another benefit of this will be those who simultaneously hold the token and play the game, generating an extra yield reward. 

Company Treasury 

The Company Treasury is the SAND owned by the Company generated from the sales of company assets. 

This treasury will naturally generate SAND, and the resales back to the market will be used to cover operating costs.

Company Reserve

The Company holds a reserve of 20% of all existing SAND tokens, which amounts to around 600m. There will be a six-month lock-up where the reserve is fed with the revenue generated from selling company assets.

Where can I buy Metaverse SAND?

SAND is available on many global cryptocurrency exchanges, such as Kraken or Binance. You can also buy SAND directly through the Sandbox website. However, you will also need Ethereum to cover the gas costs. 

What is Sandbox LANDS, and what is it used for?

What is Sandbox LANDS, and what is it used for
What is Sandbox LANDS, and what is it used for

LAND is essentially the real estate within the Sandbox universe. Once you own it, it effectively functions as a digital asset that you can customize and create your own gaming experiences within.

Much like physical real estate, you also have the option to rent out your LAND to other users and sell it if you wish.

How much is Metaverse LANDS worth?

As you’re probably aware, the price of blockchain assets and NFTs tends to fluctuate. 

While fluctuation is based on many factors, there are some indicators that you can use to ascertain the value of LANDs. MGH (Metagame Hub) has a fantastic tool that uses a machine-learning algorithm to determine the value of LAND.

Other factors may be its proximity to valuable estates owned by more prominent players, such as being close to a famous brand like Atari. 

How many LANDS are there?

There is currently a total of 166,694 LANDs in existence at the time of writing, and that number is all that will be available.  

How big is LAND in Sandbox?

One LAND comprises 96×96 meters within the Sandbox Universe. If you own multiple LANDs, you have the option to consolidate these and create an ESTATE. 

Where can I find the sandbox metaverse map?

You can find the Sandbox metaverse map on their website here

Why is Metaverse LANDS useful?

The natural appeal of LANDs comes down to the creative freedom and autonomy that the user has once they own this asset. 

Users who own land, regardless of if they are seasoned veteran game designers or just testing the waters, can use it to create unique gaming experiences with the option to monetize, trade, and rent out these spaces to their discretion. 

Where can I buy Metaverse LANDS?

First of all, you’re going to need SAND tokens to purchase land in the Sandbox metaverse. The Sandbox map website regularly holds sales events where you can buy LAND. 

You can also purchase from second-hand websites such as Rarible, though these tend to be more expensive than the official sales.

What is the most expensive metaverse land for sale?

Republic Realm recently bought the most expensive piece of metaverse land in history, paying an astounding 4.3 million USD for property in the Sandbox metaverse from Atari SA.  

Which famous companies and brands are buying LANDS?

There has been a ton of interest from big-name companies and brands in purchasing LANDs and creating unique worlds and user experiences. 

Companies such as Binance and Atari have very much settled in and created their immersive worlds, with celebrities such as Deadmau5 and even Snoop Dogg getting in on the action! 

It’s starting to look like virtual real estate is becoming the hottest commodity, taking up around a quarter of all NFT sales in the past week. No doubt, some fascinating times lie ahead for the Sandbox metaverse.