2018 vs 2014 Bitcoin Crash Comparison

Even though this comparison is a month old, it is still an interesting comparison. However, you should still always remember that as the old trading saying goes “Past occurences are no indication of the future”.  In my opinion since crypto is not going anywhere it is still interesting to look at the patterns between these to crashes since markets still tend to follow mathematical rules and cycles.

The chart was created by Mambony on tradingview

Everything under 5000usd is definitely a good buying opportunity. Since we already broke the sub 4000usd price level, our accumulation targets will be between 2.9k and 3.8k.

I will just leave this here as an interesting comparison. It is not realistic to make a good analysis comparing both timeframes so it will be mainly for entertainment purposes and speculation.  The two last bear markets lasted around 1.6 years.  This would give us a good amount of time to accumulate before the next bull run.