Bitfinex Adds an Inactivity Fee to Encourage Trading


I haven’t logged in to my bitfinex account in a while due to being on holiday and enjoying the beautiful sceneries in South Africa.

5$ Inactivity Fee

As soon as I logged in I was greeted with a new terms of service agreement.  I scanned through them and noticed this newly added inactivity fee.  Since many users might have funds on the site and have not used the site in a while due to the bear run, you might be losing a little bit more than just a few percent.

You can find the terms of Service here


Inactivity Fee: Where you have not traded on the Site or engaged in any funding activity on the Site for an uninterrupted period of one year, Bitfinex thereafter reserves the right to charge and obtain from you an inactivity fee of $5.00 per month, with or without notice to you. This fee will be taken from the Digital Tokens and other property that you hold on the Site.


What can you do about this fee?

The short answer is nothing much apart from the obvious part and that is to trade more or remove all your funds from bitfinex and close your account.

Since i don’t know how long you need to be inactive I suggest that you make a small ripple or iota transaction to ensure that your account is active.

I will update this information as soon as I know more.

Have a great day