Code Your Own Cryptocurrency on the Ethereum Blockchain

Lately I have been very interested in learning solidity and have always been interested in learning how blockchain works behind the scenes.

A while a go, I stumbled upon Gregory from Dapp University and found several of his tutorials. They are extremely easy to understand and will give you a good grasp on the basics on how to create your own Ethereum cryptocurrency ERC20 token.

The video below is the full 7 hours and 57 minutes tutorial on how to create your own cryptocurrency!  I didn’t even know seven hour videos were even possible on youtube.

This link here brings you to a playlist of this video cut into different segments. It might be easier to digest.


The full app code can be found on


Things that you will need for this tutorial

Git for Windows

I tried using powershell on windows, but somehow the console didn’t want to work. If you are having the same problem then I suggest that you install Git for windows.

You can find it here

Node Package Manager (NPM)

You can find out if you have installed it by typing

$ node -v

Truffle Framework

The truffle Framework allows you to build decentralized applications on the Ethereum blockchain. It provides a collection of tools to write smart contracts with Solidity.

You can check your installation of truffle with the following command line:

$ npm install -g truffle

Ganache - One click Blockchain

You can download ganache here

Ganache is a local in-memory ethereum blockchain. It will give you 10 external accounts with adresses containing 100 fake ether in them.


Good lucky and have fun