Everything you need to know about the EOS Airdrop

What a year it has been until now. Hopefully you are still hanging on.

One thing that has been going on for a long time is the EOS crowdsale. The eosDAC Airdrop will take place at the end of the EOS crowdsale.

Airdrop is on the 15th of April

Important: You need to hold more than 100 EOS token in MEW (Myetherwallet) account to receive the airdrop tokens.

Official anouncement from eosDac:

The snap-shot of all EOS token holders will be taken on the 15th April at 01:00:00 UTC and the airdrop of eosDAC tokens at a rate of 1:1 will be made according to EOS token ownership at the point of this snapshot. The airdrop itself will follow in late April / early May. source: eosDAC

For every EOS token you have in your wallet, you will receive an eosDac token 1:1 exchange ratio. The airdrop is automatically payed into your MEW account. If you have less than 100 EOS you can still apply for your eosDAC tokens until May 15


The Community owned EOS Block Producer

What is EOS Dac all about?

The EOSIO Software will allow highly scalable smart contract blockchains. The transaction fees will be covered by a small inflation of the token.

What this means, is that in the near future developers will be able to create real scalable decentralised applications.  These applications will be owned by various communities.

One main difference is the authentication method used. Instead of costly mining algorithms, EOS runs on the Delegated Proof of Stake algorithm. Token holders can vote in 21 main block producers and 100 reserve producers.

This is getting interesting!

Because block producers will need to use expensive enterprise equipment, that can keep up with the scalable dapps, they will need to be paid. This is where the EOS tokens come into play.


The main vision of eosDAC is that everyone should be involved in the EOS.IO block production. That is why doesDac will be evolving to a decentralised autonomous community.

eosDac launch will be at the beginning of June 2018. Until then it is run by the launch team.  Until then the eosDac tokens will remain on the ethereum network as erc20 tokens. As soon as the EOS blockchain is launched and operational they will be transferred.

Do not keep your EOS on an exchange

Your EOS tokens need to be on Myetherwallet during the snapshot.

This warning is From their blog:

It is most unlikely that your exchange will distribute eosDAC tokens to you unless they confirm this publicly BEFORE the April 15th snapshot! Therefore if you are holding your EOS tokens on an exchange please contact them immediately (via a support ticket) to demand they distribute your eosDAC tokens, a suggestion of what you might write follows below:

The only exchange that will be also making a snapshot is upbit. However, it is still recommended to just keep your tokens on MEW.