Bitcoin - There are already 1610 Lightning Network Nodes. 3000% Growth

This is absolutely Crazy!  I remember  a while a go, I posted about the lightning network in January.

We had reached a total of 51 Nodes which seemed pretty crazy at the time.


Since the 19th of January the number of nodes have grown exponentially. A whopping 3000% growth rate in 3 months.


A quick throwback about the Lightning is a decentralized network, using smart contract functionality in the blockchain. It allows users to make fast and cheap transactions through a network of nodes.

To get more in-depth information on the Lightning Network: Read The Lightning Network documentation

LN 1610 Nodes Running with 6239 Channesl #18.04.2018

The Lightning Network is truly an incredible advancement to Bitcoin.



Several users were succesful in making payments through the lightning Network.

Below is an example of a user making a Bitcoin transaction using the lightning network

source: Coincadence

That said, the lightning network is one of the most highly anticipated technological advancements to be deployed on top of the bitcoin network. I am looking forward to it!