List of Blockchain Projects With Working Products

This is a post I have made on the cryptocurrency subreddit that got a lot of attention. I will add more detail to the different projects I have tested and give some feedback. 


I have been in the cryptocurrency for quite a while and I must say I am super excited about the coming years.

I would like to make a list of blockchain/dag projects that have real use-cases that you and I can use on a daily basis.

Why am I doing this? I want to show people that blockchain is not only about price and speculation. Even though all investors want their coins to go up, I want to show that blockchain is much more than just a currency.

So without further ado, feel free to post crypto projects that you know of with working products that everyone can use and test. You can also post dapps that you find useful.

What do I mean with working product?

In this context a working product is either a dapp, service, desktop or mobile application using blockchain to improve everyone’s experience. There needs to be an end user product that can be tested by you and I. This is walso why I am not including industrial use projects at the moment since it is difficult for me to test.

Should I invest in one of these projects?  The goal of this post is to educate and to show different use-cases of blockchain. It is in no way an investment advice. You need to understand that this market is not rational. Even if the project has a good use-case and a working product the price of the coin may still go down. You can use this list to help people understand what blockchain is about and the power of decentralised consensus in many industries.\*

For example [Modum]( has a working product, but it is difficult for us to test.

This is my list so far:

  •  Brave browserBAT Secure Desktop and Mobile Browser
  •  Oyster storage - PRL Cloud storage
  •  Augur - MVP - Decentralized prediction market
  •  Salt -Lending Platform
  •  DentMobile data lending
  • Steemit- Blockchain-based rewards blogging platform
  • Crypto-decentralized video platform built on top of STEEM
  • Bitbay- Decentralized marketplace
  • Bounty0x- Decentralized bounty hunting platform
  • Golem- Computing power shared machine learning, rendering, computing power
  • Nebula- Decentralized AI Blockchain
  • Cryptokitties Collect and breed digital cats.
  • district0x- Network of decentralized markets and communities ex. Ethlance
  • Bitdegree - Online Courses with a gamified experience
  • Funfair- Blockchain-powered solutions for the online gaming industry demo

Reddit User contributions:

  •  MyWish - Create Smart contracts without coding // Dr-Tier
  •  Request Network Alpha MVP - Accept Cryptocurrency Payments demo1,demo2 // burstymy
  •  VeChain - trust-free and distributed self-circulating business ecosystem Vechain Pro Android App // Crypto-knowdeway
  •  ETHLend  - Decentralized p2p lending dapp // porkchop487
  •  Streamr DATAcoin - marketplace for the exchange of realtime data streams // LootCoin
  •  GET Protocol - A working ticketing protocol built on the Ethereum blockchain Android App
  •  SIA  -   decentralized storage platform secured by blockchain technology Sia.hub



I am looking forward to your contributions. Thanks in advance

Have a great day


  • I am looking for projects that have a utility beyond payments and store of value. (That is why BTC, ETH, XMR, XRP, Nano etc. are not on the list. )
  • The reason I didn’t add any exchanges is that I am trying deviate from price and trading.
  • There needs to be a demo or dapp everyone can use. If the demo is released at the end of this month then the project still doesn’t have a working product everyone can use.
  • It takes time to go through projects and demos. Thanks for your patience