VeChain Whitepaper 2.0 - Decentralized Finance and VeChain Use Cases - Very Bullish!


In this video i will talk about the improvements of VeChain and the new VeChain 2.0 whitepaper.

You can find the whitepaper here:

00:15 intro
01:04 technical consensus adoption phase
01:26 Business consensus adoption phase
02:22 Governance consensus adoption phase
03:12 PoA 1.0 The current consensus protocol and limitations
03:36 PoA 2.0 the consensus protocol upgrade solutions
04:42 Committee-Endorsing Mechanism
05:35 Block Finality Mechanism
06:18 Short summary of the PoA improvements
06:42 Meta Transaction Features (Enhanced Transaction Model)
08:02 Forcible Transaction Dependency
08:30 TX Fee Delegation - interact with dApps without buying crypto
09:32 Connex API Standard - VeChain integration 3rd party dApps
09:56 Deloite Blockhain Survey Blockchain use cases for Blockchain
10:54 VeChain Ecosystem
12:32 Use Case Provenance for Food & Beverage
15:49 Use Case Anti Counterfeiting and digitization for high value products
18:00 Use Case Digital Vehicle Passport
20:49 Final words and thoughts on the project

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