Wepower ICO - The Future of Green Energy Funding

This article is not financial advice.  ICO investments are high risk. 

WePower Introduction

Wepower is a startup that enables renewable energy producers to raise capital by issuing their own energy tokens.  The amount of energy allocated to token holders will depend on the amount of WPR tokens held by the participants. However, WPR Token holder are rewarded no less than 0.9% of tokenized energy donated by the energy providers.

To explain the whole concept a little better. Watch the short intrdoduction below:

Project Information

Website: WePower

Current State of the Energy Market


Problems on the Investor’s side:

  • Not many opportunities for investors to participate on a local and global scale
  • The investment procedure is complicated and takes a long time
  • Lack of transparency in the current investment opportunities

Problems on the Producer’s side:

  • Limited Capital to innovate and go forth with new projects
  • Funding takes a long time and is a difficult process


According to Bloomber New Energy Finance (BENF), the 2016 level of investment in the renewable energy sector sunk to $242 billion dollars. This represents a 23% decrease from the $312 biilion dollar.

The main investors in this market are Banks, hedge funds and PE funds. This powerful market domination does not serve the needs of renewable energy and creates a high barrier for everyone else to invest. Furthermore, the renewable energy sector faces problems due to the difficulty to receive funding.

source: http://www.ren21.net/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/170607_GSR_2017_Full_Report.pdf

WePower - The Solution

The main goal of WePower is to remove the investment barriers for smaller investors and remove the funding problems for renewable energy producers. WePower aims to solve the following short-comings in the renewable energy sector:

  • Global acces to funding for green energy projects
  • Global access to green energy investments (transparency)

WePower - Platform

The WePower Platform is a blockchain-based green energy trading platorm. It provides an exchange platform for


WePower Partners


You can read more information on the partnership between WePower and elering here: “Tokenization of the Estonian energy nationwide.


WePower is supported by a big community. This can be ssen first of all in the size of their Telegram group and the amount of attention their posts on Medium get. Hype score is an important aspect of a succesful ICO and WePower is definitely lives up to its hype.

Token Economics

  • Token Sale: 1st of February
  • Softcap: 1 ETH - 4600 WPR  (15% Bonus)
  • After Softcap 1 ETH - 4000 WPR
  • Softcap: 5 million

The amount of WPR per Ether can change due to price fluctuations.


To conclude the review. I am looking forward to this project and am confident that WePower will be succesful. Not only do they have a solid team they also communicate openly and respond well to feedback and constructive criticism. I am whitelisted for the ICO and will be investing.


More Information

To learn more about WePower and understand how they differentiate themselves from competitors (i.e Power Ledger,Grid+ and others)  watch the QA below:

Further reading


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This article is not financial advice.  ICO investments are high risk.