Monthly Growth & Traffic Report – September 2018

Monthly Growth & Traffic Report

Hi everyone, hope you are doing good. Just as a head warning, this is not your usual cryptocurrency blog post. This is more of a monthly growth and traffic report of the cryptobulls website. Is this is not something that interests you, then it is totally fine and I suggest that you skip this post.

The goal of this post is to be transparent and educate on the growth of this website. I will try to post a growth report every month showing different KPIs what targets I am trying to reach and so on. At the moment this blog is not monetised as I want to grow it first.


6k Target reached

This month we reached our target of 6000 unique page views per month. There was a large spike during the last day of the month due to high interest in the StellarX platform launch.

Exponential growth in the next few months would be nice. A target of 10000 unique views in october is quite possible. Let’s see!

This is the comparison with the previous month

Those numbers remind me of december

  • 57% increase in Page Views and a 48.2% increase in unique page views. This reminds of the cryptoshphere in december. Such a nostalgic feeling
  • Unfortunately there was a d 27% decrease with the avg. time on page. But that is to be expected with such a fast growth in page views. You can’t have everything.

The people’s favourite

Ichimoku cloud settings for tradingview is definitely the number 1 in terms of organic interest and content. Perhaps I should write more.

The question is what are people more interested in:

Ichimoku cloud in itself or settings for tradingview? If you have suggestions don’t hesitate to type them in the comments below.

Most of the acquisition is through SEO and is organic growth which is a positive sign. With more link building and better content I can grow the site even faster.

KPIs for october

One of my main goals for october, like Bitcoin, is to go over 10k. 10k unique views that is per month. Let’s see who reaches that number first.

Increasing pageviews and the average time on site would also be nice.

Thanks for reading. Hope you find this type of content helpful. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.